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Your Garmin™ Provider

As the authorised dealer / distributor for Garmin Aviation, Performance Aviation can serve your avionics requirements. Our experienced avionics team can assist you with installation and upgrades or repairs and replacement of the equipment in your aircraft.

Navigation & Radios

From basic two-way VHF communications to the most sophisticated GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD systems that combine moving map navigation with touchscreen data entry, integrated radio tuning, frequency lookup, weather, traffic alerting, digital autopilot interface and more — Performance Aviation offers a variety of reliable, work-saving, feature-rich avionics installations/repairs. Click here to learn more. 


Combining outstanding reliability with silky-smooth servo inputs and a full range of workload-reducing modes, functions and self-monitoring features, Garmin digital autopilot systems — available for retrofit or forward-fit installations — bring the latest in safety-enhancing flight control solutions to a broad spectrum of certified and experimental aircraft. Click here to learn more.

ADS-B & Transponders

As the industry leader in fielded ADS-B solutions, Garmin continues to set the pace for development and deployment of this advanced air traffic management technology. Our innovative ADS-B products are utilized in a wide range of aircraft — from experimental homebuilt planes, GA aircraft and helicopters through high-end business jets and commercial transport aircraft. So, whatever you fly, Garmin technology offers you the ideal upgrade path to meet global NextGen airspace requirements with minimal cost and downtime for system installation. Click here to learn more. 

And Much More

Browse our wide range of Garmin™ Products online and contact us directly to place your order.